[wildfly-dev] Changes to WildFly pull request testing

Tomaž Cerar tomaz.cerar at gmail.com
Mon Sep 22 11:29:07 EDT 2014

Hi guys,

As most of you already noticed we started testing wildfly-core pull
requests on  both Linux and Windows build agents few weeks back.
Since than we ironed out few remaining problems, added few more windows
agents and started working on enabling testing this kind
of testing also for WildFly pull requests.

As of today also all pull requests (or retests) for WildFly will be tested
on both platforms.

How does all this work?
We now have 3 separate CI jobs for each repository acting as part of build
- one for linux build
- one for windows build
- one aggregate job

Build is first started for given feature branch (pull request number) on
aggregate job which than uses chain build to start linux & windows job
simultaneously while the aggregate jobs is waiting in queue for both jobs
to complete.
When both jobs complete successfully then also aggregate job will start and
immediately complete with success status
which will be posted as result to pull request.
If any of the jobs fail then aggregate will fail with message like
"Snapshot dependency failed: WildFly :: Pull Request :: Windows"
in case that windows job had test failures.

On pull requests you open you will now see 3 different messages posted,
each one prefixed with a platform where job is running.
This way you can know that job/tests only failed/passed on linux or windows.

Guys among you that have rights to manually start pull request jobs on
brones directly I have just few advices,
if you want to test only on one platform, then open build for platform you
want to test and find the proper feature branch (PR number) and run it.
If you want to test both platforms do that via agregate job.

For easier overview pull request jobs have been moved to a sub project for
both WildFly and WildFly core project in teamcity.

As many of you have asked about what kind of OS/HW config do build agents
- Linux agents have 4gb ram and 2 vCPUs and are running CentOS 6.5 x64
- Windows agents have 4gb ram and 2-4 vCPUs and are running Windows Server
2012R2 x64

In following weeks there will be few more windows agents added to the build
how many will be decided based on how much currrent are utilized.

If you see any problems let me know.

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