[wildfly-dev] JAR scanning

Thomas Segismont tsegismo at redhat.com
Tue Sep 23 03:32:02 EDT 2014


Le 22/09/2014 17:23, Jason Greene a écrit :
> Yeah something like that. Although I just want to stress the importance of using the ClassLoader for the deployment, as due to a historical oversight the path is different between windows and unix.

Understood. For the record:


VirtualFile virtualFile = (VirtualFile) url.openConnection().getContent();
// up to the archive root
virtualFile = virtualFile.getParent().getParent();

My index is correctly built and now I'm trying to find how I can read 
org.jboss.jandex.ClassInfo#flags to determine if the class is public.

Thank you both for indications and the code snippet!


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