[wildfly-dev] Deliver 3rd party subsystem to customers?

Heiko W.Rupp hrupp at redhat.com
Mon Sep 29 07:36:51 EDT 2014


suppose I am writing a subsystem for WildFly, that I can or want not add to the generic WildFly codebase (e.g. because it is not open source or because WildFly team would consider it too special for general consumption).

Is there a way to package that up in a .zip or any other format (in the good 'ol days we used .shar files :-)
to deliver such a subsystem with its module but also the xsl to modify standalone.xml (or similar)?

If not (yet), would it make sense for WildFly to reconsider allowing to provide e.g.
* ext.xml
* subsystem.xml
* ports.xml

that will get merged / added to standalone.xml when the module is loaded for the very first time
(like when the module.jar is also indexed for the first time).


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