[wildfly-dev] Customizing a provisioned server

Heiko W.Rupp hrupp at redhat.com
Tue Sep 30 08:51:48 EDT 2014

Am 05.09.2014 um 07:52 schrieb Thomas Heute <theute at redhat.com>:
> Sounds like what I want to do remotely :)
> Let's take an example, I would like to be able to "deploy and configure" 
> keycloak on a group of servers (i can handle the "group" part).
> Deploying and installing keycloak today requires to:
>     - Add a few modules
>     - add 1 extension and 1 subsytem in standalone/domain.xml
>     - add 1 security domain in standalone/domain.xml
> If Keycloak could be delivered as "feature pack" to do the 3 steps above 
> I would still want the possibility to do this remotely on a set of servers.
> You could argue that you need to prepare a package beforehand "locally" 
> and they deploy the fully customized WF but I don't think it would 
> always be the preferred solution

I think we need both (and on a more recent thread there was even the option
to download the feature pack from maven).
Remote install to update existing servers in the data center from a central console.
And also an easy way for standalone install.

java -jar keycloak-fp --wildfly=/path/to/wildfly

The current situation with "manually" editing standalone.xml is a very bad user experience.
One could supply a cli-script, but still putting the module in the right place into the filesystem
and then starting the cli to run :add(extension) and :add(subsystem) is much more error-prone.

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