[wildfly-dev] Metrics & runtime attribute registration

Tomaž Cerar tomaz.cerar at gmail.com
Mon Jul 13 17:26:14 EDT 2015

Hey guys,

We had interesting discussion with Brian on
about how we register runtime/metric attribute on resources.

There are many cases where subsystems only register attributes / resources
only when server is booting into normal mode.
but if it server is booted only to "admin mode" all that runtime/metrics
attributes are not registered and as such not seen in the model.

Registering runtime attributes only in normal mode can cause that results
of :read-resource-description/read-resource
wouldn't return attributes that are on resources if server is started in
admin mode or even CLI standalone.
Our metadata already provides information if attributes is

This can cause problems for tooling that relies on output of those two

Looking at current state of the code, we do use both ways of registering
attributes either conditionally or always.
This probably originates from times where there was no good api/way to mark
attribute/resource as runtime.

I am personally am in favor of always registering runtime attributes as
this makes sure that user isn't surprised by some extra/missing
attributes based on fact how it is starting the server.

What do you guys think? Should we always register it or have it

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