[wildfly-dev] can we get host controllers to push out subsystem extension modules?

John Mazzitelli mazz at redhat.com
Mon May 2 15:16:35 EDT 2016

> BTW, I was brainstorming a bit in that last paragraph, forgetting that
> I'm talking to someone who works on something that is a proper
> layer/add-on on top of WildFly, not an end user writing their own
> extensions. Proper layers/add-ons need to patchable, which adds another
> whole set of requirements beyond just needing to get bits replicated.

My whole email was a brainstorming session :) I don't think we'll need that feature - but I was wondering if it did exist. If it did, might have been something to be considered for something, but since it doesn't exist, that makes it easy. ;)

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