[wildfly-dev] Feature pack provisioning

Juraci Paixão Kröhling jcosta at redhat.com
Tue May 3 08:45:59 EDT 2016

On 02.05.2016 18:39, Brian Stansberry wrote:
> I'll defer to Alexey to respond re: current status, but I just wanted to
> point out that wiki page is not really a design doc for this. That
> describes how layering currently works, since EAP 6.2.

Indeed. We actually use some of the features described there in 
Hawkular, but it seems I missed some key parts on my initial request for 
information :)

The problem I'm trying to solve is around RPMs, so that Hawkular could 
benefit from the base that Wildfly/EAP gives. Everything seems to be in 
place, except for the custom snippets we need on standalone.xml (like 
system properties, queues/topics, ...) . All of that is doable with 
workarounds, but it would be nice if the layering technique would allow 
us to adjust the main standalone.xml .

- Juca.

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