[aerogear-dev] Aerogear Website Design

Andres Galante agalante at redhat.com
Tue Dec 2 17:41:18 EST 2014

@erik yes I will use the cordova logo. That logo is not on the icon set I am using, so it was easier for me to put a square at this stage. I'll change it for the robot later.

About docs, I've built the structure that can contain them and we can decide if we are migrating it or not later.

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On 2 Dec,2014, at 16:36 , Andres Galante <agalante at redhat.com> wrote:

> Thanks Erik, I've added Windows.
Nice, like it one more question can we use the robot as an icon for cordova?

> On our current website we have different structures for each platform documentation:
> Android looks like this: 
> http://aerogear.org/docs/specs/aerogear-android/
> iOS like this:
> http://aerogear.org/docs/specs/aerogear-ios-oauth2/
These are generated API docs and people are used to the layout, we could make it the same maybe, would take some time I don’t know it’s pretty common for them to be crappy ;)

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