[cdi-dev] action items for tomorrows EG meeting

Mark Struberg struberg at yahoo.de
Sun Dec 9 17:33:36 EST 2012

Hi folks!

Since I will most probably not be able to attend tomorrows EG meeting I like to add a few tasks which you folks could please think about.

1.) Since the 1.a 'horizontal' isolation got voted for you folks need to come up with a detailed solution. There are basically 2 options: 1.a.a.) to live with getting different instances injected into InjectionPoint with the same type (depending in which classloader the InjectionPoint is). This will also need to get changed for many BeanManager methods most probably. And 1.a.b.) to disallow @Alternatives, @Specializes, Extension handling, etc for classes which 'narrow' beans already defined in parent ClassLoaders.

2.) My Question regarding Producer<T> and InjectionPoint<T>. See the description over there. Imo the only way atm is to clarify that setProducer and setInjectionPoint must only be used to create a wrapper which delegates to the instances resolved via getProducer() and getInjectionPoint() ("...otherwise non-portable behaviour results."). It's imo just not easily possible to really create an own Producer from scratch. Wdyt?

3.) Jens pinged me offline to take a look at the current @Transactional discussion, but for that we need @Nonbinding in the 'new' commons-annotation spec. Pete recently mentioned that there is new work done in commons-annotation (@Priority).


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