[cdi-dev] action items for tomorrows EG meeting

Jens Schumann jens.schumann at openknowledge.de
Mon Dec 10 04:36:06 EST 2012

Hi all!

Am 09.12.12 23:33 schrieb "Mark Struberg" unter <struberg at yahoo.de>:

>3.) Jens pinged me offline to take a look at the current @Transactional
>discussion, but for that we need @Nonbinding in the 'new'
>commons-annotation spec. Pete recently mentioned that there is new work
>done in commons-annotation (@Priority).

Mark referred to the mail from Paul and my reply


Even though I don't like the current rollbackOn/dontRollbackOn approach
there might be a need for @NonBinding that can be used by JTA (and others)
easily. At least it would be required by the current interceptors spec.


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