[cdi-dev] [TCK] Multi ClassLoader unit tests?

Martin Kouba mkouba at redhat.com
Mon Jun 4 03:30:52 EDT 2012

Hi Mark!,

Dne 3.6.2012 17:03, Mark Struberg napsal(a):
> Hi folks!
> I know that we did not address this area at all in the spec and thus have a few problems in our implementations in this area.
> Where to look at if I like to contribute a unit test for a multi-classloader scenario in the TCK?

1. Do a pull request

Current development branch (CDI TCK 1.1) is master on GitHub repo:

Note that all tests are arquillian-based.

2. File an issue


> I like to add the following test:
> parent ClassLoader which has an interface X
> 2 child ClassLoader which have @SessionScoped implementations A and B which are independent of each other.
> Try to @Inject X x; into an EJB and reuse it in both child classloaders ('webapps'). We could set to poolsize to 1.

To be honest I don't quite understand... could you describe your use-case it in more detail?

So far it seems you have an EAR with one EJB jar "A" that contains interface X. And two WARs "B" and "C" - both contain @SessionScoped impl and declare dependency on "A".

Now what's the point?

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