[cdi-dev] @Alternative Stereotypes and AfterTypeDiscovery

Mark Struberg struberg at yahoo.de
Mon May 12 02:29:58 EDT 2014

Hi folks!

There are 3 kind of Alternatives

1.) @Alternative classes activated via beans.xml
2.) @Alternative stereotypes activated via beans.xml
3.) @Alternative classes automatically activated by having a @Priority annotation as well

Question A.):
There is nothing in the spec regarrding @Alternative Stereotypes with @Priority atm. So I assume @Priority on a @Stereotype annotation does exactly nothing, right?

Queation B.):
What if a class has a at Priority annotation and an @Alternative Stereotype? Should those automatically get picked up as Alternative as well?

Quesion C.):
What does AfterTypeDisovery#getAlternatives() really return?
Only the Alternative Classes added via beans.xml or with @Priority? Or all Classes, means also the ones which have an @Alternative @Stereotype?
The later would make more sense to me imo. But is it meant that way? How does Weld behave?

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