[cdi-dev] With the end of Java Config...

Antoine Sabot-Durand antoine at sabot-durand.net
Fri Sep 5 09:28:05 EDT 2014

Hi all,

You may have followed the rise and fall of the Java Config JSR (http://javaeeconfig.blogspot.ch/2014/09/no-java-ee-configuration-for-ee8-dear.html <http://javaeeconfig.blogspot.ch/2014/09/no-java-ee-configuration-for-ee8-dear.html>).
Anatole in CC was leading this initiative and I proposed him to join us and explore if some part of his late-JSR could be done in CDI.

I’m mainly thinking of https://issues.jboss.org/browse/CDI-123 <https://issues.jboss.org/browse/CDI-123> or related solution. If we achieve to have a majority of specs to integrate with CDI, our configuration solution would therefore become a configuration system for all spec based on CDI 2.0.


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