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Ah yes, the good old "why are my annotated interface method annotations not
inherIted?" question. This all depends on how you are scanning for the
annotation. Typically annotation scanning only looks at the base level
class, but you generally have to walk up the type hierarchy to find the
real answer :) like so:


Hope this helps,

On Thu, May 23, 2013 at 6:02 AM, Erik Jan de Wit <edewit at redhat.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> Good news I think I'm done with the security module, finally. But there is
> one last thing that is bothering me. Maybe someone has a solution I didn't
> think of.
> Like I've explained before I have a 2 SecurityInterceptors one on the
> client and one on the server. With the client security interceptor I check
> the servers state and 'redirect' the user to the login page if he is not
> logged in. Because the client can be manipulated there is also a server
> side interceptor that will throw a exception if the user is not logged in.
> This is all very nice and all a user will have to do is annotate the
> methods. I use the same annotation for both the client and the server side
> interceptor, but I have to annotate the remote interface and the service
> implementation e.g.
> @Remote
> public interface MessageService {
>   @RequireAuthentication
>   String hello();
>   @RequireRoles("admin")
>   String ping();
> }
> @Service
> public class MessageServiceImpl implements MessageService {
>   @Inject
>   AuthenticationService authenticationService;
>   @Override
>   @RequireAuthentication
>   public String hello() {
> What I don't like is that the user will need to keep these to in sync, do
> you guys have an idea to have only one of these but still have both of the
> interceptors triggered?
> Cheers,
> Erik Jan
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