[infinispan-dev] Infinispan tutorial

Galder Zamarreño galder at redhat.com
Wed Nov 5 02:34:13 EST 2014

Hi Tristan,

+1 to having a more step-by-step tutorial :)

I’ve tried the tutorial locally and made some notes:

- step-0 is a bit confusing since nothing is logged. However, no logging is not due to not enabling it, but the fact that nothing kicks in until getCache() is called, and that only happens in step-1.

- How do you enable logging? Also, not sure what I need to change in logging.properties to see some logging of Infinispan. For example: how do you enable debug/trace logging? I’ve tried FINER/FINEST too but did not make a difference. Maybe I need a org.infinispan specific level/formatter combination?

- step-4 tag missing.

Great work!!


On 29 Oct 2014, at 14:47, Tristan Tarrant <ttarrant at redhat.com> wrote:

> Hi guys,
> I've been working on how to spruce up our website, docs and code samples.
> While quickstarts are ok, they come as monolithic blobs which tell you 
> nothing about how you got there. For this reason I believe a 
> step-by-step tutorial approach is better and I've been looking at the 
> AngularJS tutorials [0] as good examples on how to achieve this.
> I have created a repo [1] on my GitHub user where each commit is a step 
> in the tutorial. I have tagged the commits using 'step-n' so that you 
> can checkout any of the steps and run them:
> git checkout step-1
> mvn clean package exec:java
> The GitHub web interface can be used to show the diff between steps, so 
> that it can be linked from the docs [2].
> Currently I'm not aiming to build a real application (although 
> suggestions are welcome in this sense), but just going through the 
> basics, adding features one by one, etc.
> Comments are welcome.
> Tristan
> ---
> [0] https://docs.angularjs.org/tutorial/step_00
> [1] https://github.com/tristantarrant/infinispan-embedded-tutorial
> [2] 
> https://github.com/tristantarrant/infinispan-embedded-tutorial/compare/step-0...step-1?diff=unified 
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