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Tihomir Surdilovic tsurdilo at redhat.com
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On 6/2/11 2:54 PM, Burkhard Vogel wrote:
> Hi all,
> I couldn't agree more with Nelson. I can subscribe to each and every 
> point of critique he mentioned with Nr. 2 being one of mayor concern 
> for our projects. I may want to add two:
>    5. Add generic WorkItems to invoke Stored Procedures and
>       WebServices. I did a preliminary development based on Spring
>       (v3.0.x) for generic SP invocation and passed along the code to
>       Kris, but I reckon there are more pressing issues to work on.
>       The generic WebService invocation I see more complex as I
>       couldn't find a library to work with.
>    6. Review logging -- there is way too many System.out code in
>       drools/jBPM for production systems., the logs just get cluttered.
https://issues.jboss.org/browse/JBPM-3223. I'll take care of it soon.
>   5.
> Best regards,
> **Burkhard Vogel**
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> Hi guys,
> I have been following this project up closely and I have tried out the 
> new jBPM5.1. This is a project that I have a special interest and that 
> I have accompanied for quite some time
> I feel that there are some features that would be important in future 
> releases for the jBPM,
> 1.Decoupling the java classes from the BPMN2 xml  - Currently the all 
> the task objects that have code in them, this code is being written in 
> the XML, my feeling is that any kind of code should be decoupled from 
> the XML and created in a separate java files.
> 2.Runtime versioning -- I think that at this time there isn't a way to 
> version process at runtime, I mean the ability to have two versions of 
> the same process and be able to run them both.
> 3.Easier way to configure -- One of the things that I have struggled 
> is configuration, it is still very time consuming to configure 
> jBPM5.1. For example, configuring persistence, besides configuring 
> persistence, hibernate and testDS1 xml's I also hat to configure 
> persistence file in jbpm-human-task-5.1.0.M1.jar  file.
> 4.Detailed information -- I know that in time the information will get 
> up to speed and that the lack of it has to do with this project being 
> fairly recent, but an upgrade on user and development information 
> would be very important and a way to consolidate the project.
> I hope my feedback helps and hope to see future developments from this 
> project.
> Kind regards.
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