[mod_cluster-dev] Disabling of webapps

Bela Ban bela at jboss.com
Mon Dec 22 11:11:59 EST 2008

Thanks that was it...

Now to different issues:

If I start cluster nodes 1 and 2, then create a session on (say) node2 
and kill node2 (CTRL-C), I can see that the contents of JBossCache on 
node1 have the session in memory.

However, when I do a reload of the web page, I don't fail over to node1, 
but instead get an empty web page. If I hit reload long enough, there is 
a failover ca 60 seconds later. The contents of the session are still 
okay, so they were replicated fine.

So I assume httpd redirects me to node1 because its timeout (60 secs I 
guess) removed node2.

However, when node2 goes down, it should tell httpd to remove node2 from 
the cluster and not direct requests to it !

This is with Beta2.

#2 "localhost:8000/status" doesn't work anymore, I get 404s. This works 
with the 'all' config, modified for mod-lcuster ! The weird thing is 
that I don't even restart httpd, but simply start a different JBoss 
config ! Is the 'status' application dependent on the JBoss AS side ?

If I do a telnet localhost 8000, then info and <return>, I do get the 
status information...

#3 When I restart httpd, all hell breaks loose and the JBossAS instances 
don't seem to be able to reconnect to httpd.

Should I create JIRA issues for these problems, with steps to reproduce ?

Brian Stansberry wrote:
> Bela Ban wrote:
>> If I do a
>> cd jboss-5.0.0.GA/server/base/deploy
>> and
>> mv web.war web.war.bak
>> or
>> rm -fr web.war
>> Then httpd still shows /web as ENABLED. I assume that /web should get 
>> DISABLED as soon as I move or remove it , correct ?
> It should become STOPPED. Per your other private question to me, I'm 
> guessing the reason it's not is because the customized AS config 
> you're testing with doesn't have the hot deployment scanner running; I 
> replied privately about that. If that's not it, let us know.

Bela Ban
Lead JGroups / Clustering Team
JBoss - a division of Red Hat

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