[security-dev] JBossWay: Quickstarts and Demos

Pedro Igor Silva psilva at redhat.com
Thu Mar 28 11:54:51 EDT 2013

I would suggest:

    - Java SE IDM Examples:

          - Programmatic Configuration for the different Identity Stores
          - Basic and Advanced Use Cases for U/R/G management. With and without Partitions (Realm and Tiers)

    - Java EE Examples:
          - CDI + JSF 2: Using PicketLink Core for Authentication, Authorization and IDM.
              - User self registration
              - User/Group/Role management + relationships.
              - Authentication based on different Realms
              - Authorization

We also have a lot of test cases that can be used to understand the IDM concepts/features.

Pedro Igor

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Hi All,
   I wanted to brainstorm here to collect a set of quickstarts and demos 
we can have for PicketLink v3 release.  I am hoping Pete can guide us on 
this from JBossWay perspective.

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