[security-dev] Handling of NameIDType objects in SAML2AuthenticationHandler

larry mccay larry.mccay at gmail.com
Tue Jan 6 11:06:54 EST 2015

All -

I've run into an issue while trying to POC the use of picketlink for SAML
based SSO against the hosted shibboleth IdP at testshib.org.

This was an issue that was reported in PLINK2-10 which was set as resolved
but never verified.

The issue manifests as an exception while handling adding the roles from
the assertion because of an unknown role type.

I have verified a fix for this issue that will actually complete that
previous issue and can provide a pull request for it.

The fact that the PLINK2 jira system is old and deprecated makes it
confusing as to where to hang the pull request.

Would you like me to create a new jira for this issue in PLINK?

Also, do you prefer pull requests or patches?


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