[security-dev] Handling of NameIDType objects in SAML2AuthenticationHandler

Pedro Igor Silva psilva at redhat.com
Wed Jan 7 07:03:52 EST 2015

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> Subject: [security-dev] Handling of NameIDType objects in	SAML2AuthenticationHandler
> All -
> I've run into an issue while trying to POC the use of picketlink for SAML
> based SSO against the hosted shibboleth IdP at testshib.org .
> This was an issue that was reported in PLINK2-10 which was set as resolved
> but never verified.
> The issue manifests as an exception while handling adding the roles from the
> assertion because of an unknown role type.
> I have verified a fix for this issue that will actually complete that
> previous issue and can provide a pull request for it.
> The fact that the PLINK2 jira system is old and deprecated makes it confusing
> as to where to hang the pull request.
> Would you like me to create a new jira for this issue in PLINK?

Yes, please.

> Also, do you prefer pull requests or patches?

You can send a PR.


> thanks,
> --larry
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