[undertow-dev] Undertow + modules = Wildfly?

Stuart Douglas sdouglas at redhat.com
Sun Nov 23 18:24:59 EST 2014

We have actually split up the wildfly code base recently, and the result of this is that we now have 3 different Wildfly artifacts:

- Wildfly Core: The core platform (classloading, management etc)
- Wildfly Web: Core + Undertow 
- Wildfly Full: everything else

It sounds like you want Wildfly Web, which is basically just a Servlet container, with our modular class loading and management. 

You can get it from maven central:


We have not really talked about / promoted this much yet, I should be writing more about it over the coming months.


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> Subject: [undertow-dev] Undertow + modules = Wildfly?
> Hi,
> I’m looking for a minimal webapp server, like Undertow, but I also want JBoss
> modules (or something with that kind of classloading). Any thoughts on the
> differences between…
> 1. Using Wildfly and learning to turn stuff off. I don’t care about most of
> J2EE.
> 2. Using only Undertow + the jars for JBoss modules.
> Specifically, I’m wondering if there will be much difference in RAM usage,
> and whether I could still write native Undertow handlers [1] if I go with
> #1.
> Rob
> [1] http://undertow.io/documentation/core/undertow-handler-guide.html
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