+1 sounds good

I will probably finish my Ionic demo and release a blog to accompany that release. :-)

On Fri, Feb 27, 2015 at 2:42 PM, Luke Holmquist <lholmqui@redhat.com> wrote:
Hello All,

I had planned a release for the AeroGear.js library(2.1.0) next week,  but i might push it back a week.

This release is mostly about the work we have been doing regarding the client libraries for the Sync Server, https://github.com/aerogear/aerogear-sync-server.

The reason for the push back is i want to refactor the code slightly to not use the "Array Pattern"(for lack of a better word) that it currently uses,  this was also discussed in general for the whole library here:  http://lists.jboss.org/pipermail/aerogear-dev/2015-February/010894.html

even those this api is experimental and is ok to change without a major release, i would like to start it using the new pattern than we discussed in the above linked thread.

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