Hi JBoss guys,

I'm the creator of AngularJS Eclipse and Mickael Istria suggested me to contact you. 

I have seen that you have spoken about AngluarJS Eclipse at http://lists.jboss.org/pipermail/jbosstools-dev/2013-December/008450.html

At first, I would like to apologize because Max pinged me on tweeter and I have not seen that-( Sorry!

I would like to answer about some comments : 

>It provides ng-* completion which we do too. And IMO ours is better 
>since we provide context-dependent code completion.
>For example we suggest count/when/... attributes only for ng-pluralize 
>directives (<ANY ng-pluralize> or <ng-pluralize>)
>Or ng-maxlength only for input directives. Or we don't suggest ng-app if 
>it's already defined in any parent tag. Etc. So we analyze the context 
>when calculating what can be suggested in the particular place.

Except for "ng-app if  it's already defined in any parent tag", AngularJS Eclipse manages that : 
See screenshots at https://github.com/angelozerr/angularjs-eclipse/wiki/HTML-Directives

More it works too with custom directive : see screenshots at https://github.com/angelozerr/angularjs-eclipse/wiki/HTML-Directives#wiki-custom-directive

>It does not provide code completion for {{}} expressions which we plan to do in JBT 4.2.
Today it supports it. See screenshots at https://github.com/angelozerr/angularjs-eclipse/wiki/HTML-Features#wiki-angular-expression-management

>The upstream project 
>https://github.com/angelozerr/tern.java/wiki/Tern-Eclipse-IDE is 
>supposed to provide some angular specific code completion in *.js files 
>but I couldn't manage to make it work.
It seems that it's a problem with node.js Please read https://github.com/angelozerr/tern.java/wiki/Tern-Eclipse-IDE-Node.js 

Completion is done for angular model (angular.module, etc) but too with the injection of controller scope and directive (should be improved again). See screenshots at https://github.com/angelozerr/angularjs-eclipse/wiki/Javascript-Features

AngularJS Eclipse extends the WTP HTML Editor (I don't have created a new HTML editor). 

I would like tell you about pros and cons for using tern : 

The cons for using tern  :

 * needs node.js
 * written in Javascript, so it's difficult to debug it with Eclipse. But tern works in the browser, so I use Chrome to develop the angular plugin.

The pros for using tern  : 

 * very powerful. It manages complex case. See demo at http://ternjs.net/doc/demo.html
 * tern provides plugin/defintions for ecma5, jquery, node, angular.
 * tern is very extensible, so you can create your own tern definition/plugin like I have done with AngularJS. I use tern in HTML Editor (see https://github.com/angelozerr/angularjs-eclipse/wiki/HTML-Features) and Javascript Editor (https://github.com/angelozerr/angularjs-eclipse/wiki/Javascript-Features).
 * tern can be executed in a browser. This feature can be very interesting in some case. For instance I'm developping a tern plugin to manage AlloYUi a javascript framework used by Liferay (see online demo with CodeMirror at http://codemirror-java.opensagres.eu.cloudbees.net/codemirror-javascript/demo/alloyui.html). My idea is that you could use this AlloYUi plugin inside Eclipse IDE and inside the Liferay Portal.
 * as tern is written in Javascript, the community is very big.

Hope my information will be useful for you.

Regards Angelo