Hi all,

I will soon go live with a project of mine which uses Undertow.
I was wondering if you could give me some advice on tweaking Undertow for the production use.

The only things I found are:


Number of configurable things on the documentation and also when I was reading the code drove me crazy :)

My use case is:

* Undertow only used as a websocket endpoint of an MMO game; no servlet or something
* Binary data only (Protobufs, specifically)
* 300-400 concurrent connections per server
* High frequency of transfer, again per server (23 KB/s transfer out per connection; 1 KB/s transfer in per connection)
* Limited server specs (1 core CPU, 1GB RAM)

I know I cannot of course ask you the exact configuration. What I am looking for is some help at pointing at the right direction.


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