[aerogear-dev] UPS Categories going forward

Summers Pittman supittma at redhat.com
Thu Aug 6 09:58:32 EDT 2015


Since I now have a GCM Topic PR up I figure it is time to revisit beefing
up categories a bit.

Before we discussed enhancing the server and client APIs so one could
subscribe and unsubscribe to topics without unregistering and
reregistering.  This will require a new endpoint on UPS and new code in all
the libraries

We also discussed adding the ability to "route" messages to specific
handlers based on what category the message was sent to.  This will require
adding a field to all push messages that don't use GCM topics.  It will
also require updates on the client code.

As an aside there is also GCM support on iOS, but it is much more
complicated to set up.
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