[Aerogear-users] Unified Push Server - Anyway to delete notifications when in background?

Rob Willett rob.aerogear at robertwillett.com
Wed Nov 25 04:14:49 EST 2015


We’ve got the Unified Push Server working on the OpenShift platform. 
No real issues once we’d understood the point of aliases.

We can send notifications quite happily and see whats going on. We use 
Perl for our backend servers and so we wrote a small Perl interface. If 
anybody wants the code for the Perl interface let me know and we’ll 
pass it on. We can’t claim a lot of credit for a simple piece of code 

Anyway, one of edge use-cases would be to delete notification or set of 
notifications when the app is running but in the background on iOS.

We want to do this as the user can receive a high number of 
notifications (> 10) when the app is in the background. Notifications 
come in groups and provide traffic updates, so a user may get a new 
group of 3-4 traffic updates, this new group completely supersedes ANY 
previous update. Our data is valuable when fresh and useless when over 
10 minutes old.

Whilst we can simply ignore old notifications, UX testing has shown the 
users don’t like having old notifications sitting round. We know that 
the users can delete them individually or delete the lot from the 
notification drawer OR can simply bring the app out of the background 
BUT they don’t like doing that.

So what we want to do is delete old notifications, we were hoping for 
the ability to call a JavaScript function with say a parameter to 
identify notifications by a group or something, but we could accept 
deleting the lot and inserting local notifications instead.

We know that we can send content-available and have stuff pulled from a 
server in the background. This option is quite difficult for us and has 
some complexity identifying when the app is not started up. The simplest 
option is delete some or all of the notifications.

Does anybody know if this is possible or any other suggestions?



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