[Aerogear-users] Unified Push Server - Anyway to delete notifications when in background?

Matthias Wessendorf matzew at apache.org
Wed Nov 25 05:07:20 EST 2015

On Wed, Nov 25, 2015 at 10:14 AM, Rob Willett <
rob.aerogear at robertwillett.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> We’ve got the Unified Push Server working on the OpenShift platform.
> No real issues once we’d understood the point of aliases.
> We can send notifications quite happily and see whats going on. We use
> Perl for our backend servers and so we wrote a small Perl interface. If
> anybody wants the code for the Perl interface let me know and we’ll
> pass it on. We can’t claim a lot of credit for a simple piece of code
> :)

sure, I think that would be awesome, if you could publish it on github.
We will promote if for other perl users!

> Anyway, one of edge use-cases would be to delete notification or set of
> notifications when the app is running but in the background on iOS.
> We want to do this as the user can receive a high number of
> notifications (> 10) when the app is in the background. Notifications
> come in groups and provide traffic updates, so a user may get a new
> group of 3-4 traffic updates, this new group completely supersedes ANY
> previous update. Our data is valuable when fresh and useless when over
> 10 minutes old.
> Whilst we can simply ignore old notifications, UX testing has shown the
> users don’t like having old notifications sitting round. We know that
> the users can delete them individually or delete the lot from the
> notification drawer OR can simply bring the app out of the background
> BUT they don’t like doing that.
> So what we want to do is delete old notifications, we were hoping for
> the ability to call a JavaScript function with say a parameter to
> identify notifications by a group or something, but we could accept
> deleting the lot and inserting local notifications instead.
> We know that we can send content-available and have stuff pulled from a
> server in the background. This option is quite difficult for us and has
> some complexity identifying when the app is not started up. The simplest
> option is delete some or all of the notifications.
> Does anybody know if this is possible or any other suggestions?

I think that's an interesting idea. Erik Jan recently did an update for
message, on Cordova, to actually stack em:

Perhaps we could have a 'delete' feature too. Mind filing a JIRA against:
(you need to have an account in order create tickets)


> Thanks
> Rob
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