[Aerogear-users] Timeline for release of AeroGear Unified Push 1.2 (and other questions)

James Kleefman james.kleefman at agfa.com
Fri Dec 2 09:12:40 EST 2016

We are interested in using Unified Push under EAP7. It appears from my 
experimentation that EAP 7 is supported only under 1.2 (not 1.13). So, I 
am wondering if there is a time line when you expect to have 1.2 in  a 
released state.

Also, has anyone tried using Unified Push with an Oracle database? We'd 
like to know if there is a lot of effort to use Oracle instead of MySQL.

I'm not familiar with keycloak, so I'm wondering if the keycloak database 
is the standard keycloak distribution, or are there tables or 
modifications specific to Unified Push?


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