[Aerogear-users] Timeline for release of AeroGear Unified Push 1.2 (and other questions)

Matthias Wessendorf matzew at apache.org
Fri Dec 2 14:04:42 EST 2016


On Friday, 2 December 2016, James Kleefman <james.kleefman at agfa.com> wrote:

> Hi
> We are interested in using Unified Push under EAP7. It appears from my
> experimentation that EAP 7 is supported only under 1.2 (not 1.13). So, I am
> wondering if there is a time line when you expect to have 1.2 in  a
> released state.
next week work on APNs / HTTP/2 starts, after that we can cut a 1.2

> Also, has anyone tried using Unified Push with an Oracle database? We'd
> like to know if there is a lot of effort to use Oracle instead of MySQL.

in JIRA we have an issue by a user; also some chat on mailinglist about it.
Not easy 😬

> I'm not familiar with keycloak, so I'm wondering if the keycloak database
> is the standard keycloak distribution, or are there tables or modifications
> specific to Unified Push?

It's a outdated, UPS specific version. There unfinished PR to use standard

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