[bv-dev] Constructor validation

Gunnar Morling gunnar.morling at googlemail.com
Wed Nov 30 13:59:09 EST 2011

Hi experts,

Emmanuel asked me to take the lead on the method validation feature,
so be prepared for related questions, API proposals and requests for
feedback via the mailing list :)

The first issue I'd like to discuss is the validation of constructor
arguments. Is this something which we want to support at all? I don't
think there are that many interception solutions which enable
constructor interception at all (for instance CDI interceptors don't,

So personally I'd be fine with focussing on actual method validation
in BV 1.1, waiting for user demand for constructor validation and
adding it possibly in a later release. WDYT?

If we decide to include constructor validation, should we support the
validation of newly created objects (similar to return value
validation), e.g. like that:

public class Foo {

  public Foo() {



Here @Valid would trigger a validation of the newly instantiated Foo
object (whether to use @Valid or another annotation still needs to be
discussed). Any thoughts?


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