[bv-dev] Constructor validation

Gerhard Petracek gerhard.petracek at gmail.com
Wed Nov 30 16:38:34 EST 2011

hi gunnar,

we tried something similar in a project. it worked but it introduced a big
performance issue and we had to remove it again.



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2011/11/30 Gunnar Morling <gunnar.morling at googlemail.com>

> Hi experts,
> Emmanuel asked me to take the lead on the method validation feature,
> so be prepared for related questions, API proposals and requests for
> feedback via the mailing list :)
> The first issue I'd like to discuss is the validation of constructor
> arguments. Is this something which we want to support at all? I don't
> think there are that many interception solutions which enable
> constructor interception at all (for instance CDI interceptors don't,
> So personally I'd be fine with focussing on actual method validation
> in BV 1.1, waiting for user demand for constructor validation and
> adding it possibly in a later release. WDYT?
> If we decide to include constructor validation, should we support the
> validation of newly created objects (similar to return value
> validation), e.g. like that:
> public class Foo {
>  @Valid
>  public Foo() {
>  }
> }
> Here @Valid would trigger a validation of the newly instantiated Foo
> object (whether to use @Valid or another annotation still needs to be
> discussed). Any thoughts?
> --Gunnar
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