[bv-dev] Reminder: Proposal for method validation on beanvalidation.org

Sebastian Thomschke sebastian.thomschke at web.de
Wed Feb 15 16:36:16 EST 2012

Regarding validating invariants.

/DISCUSSION: Should there be some way to trigger validation of bean 
constraints upon method invocations?
/> in OVal we have
   @PreValidateThis - which requires that all invariants of the target 
object satisfy their declared constraints before the annotated method of 
the target object is executed
   @PostValidateThis //- which requires that all invariants of the 
target object //satisfy their declared constraints after //the annotated 
method of the target object is executed but before it returns
/> I would like to see something like this in the spec

On 14.02.2012 21:04, Gunnar Morling wrote:
> Hi all,
> many thanks to those who already provided me with feedback on the
> method validation proposal.
> Everyone else I'd like to invite to have a closer look at the proposal
> and share your thoughts. As I mentioned, there are several sections
> needing further consideration or a decision to be made; I'll start
> dedicated threads regarding these items on the mailing list within the
> next days.
> Thanks again for your efforts,
> --Gunnar
> 2012/1/29 Gunnar Morling<gunnar.morling at googlemail.com>:
>> Hi all,
>> I've pushed now a first version of the proposal for method validation
>> (BV-241) to beanvalidation.org [1].
>> The proposal is still missing some parts (e.g. the XML configuration),
>> but I hope it touches all major issues related to method validation.
>> Throughout the document I've used the "DISCUSSION" marker for sections
>> which still need further consideration or a decision between several
>> possible options.
>> I'd be very happy on any feedback related to these issues in
>> particular but of course also to the complete proposal in general.
>> Don't hesitate to speak up in case you think anything is incomplete,
>> is missing or something doesn't make sense to you; after all this is
>> very much work in progress. Feel free to add remarks in place within
>> the document or start a dedicated discussion on the mailing list.
>> --Gunnar
>> [1] http://beanvalidation.org/proposals/BVAL-241/
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