[cdi-dev] How to process the scope in JEE7

Hantsy Bai hantsy at gmail.com
Wed May 16 02:04:13 EDT 2012


Spring provide a resolver to bridge JSR 330 Scope to Spring scope.


Is there some solution like this in CDI spec?  As a developer, I dislike 
so much duplication and incompatibility  in the future JEE 7...I have 
got pain when use JSF2 and CDI in JEE6/Seam3.

I hope there are some solutions to unite them in CDI, deprecate JSR330 
scope and bridge it to CDI for compatibility.


On 5/15/2012 17:49, Mark Struberg wrote:
> Hi!
> My personal view/prediction:
> * JSR-330 is fine as is. A few things like @Singleton and @Scope are completely useless though because they are completely underspecified. Other parts are really fine and we will continue to use it.
> * all the EE @ManagedBean and state management should imo get deprecated in EE7. This stuff is a.) technically broken and b.) not the right place. Imo it was purely the result of political games...
> LieGrue,
> strub
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>> Hi,
>> CDI introduced NormalScope to create custom scope, I noticed there is
>> another similar one in the JSR330,  @Scope(and @Singleton) annotation,
>> and there is also another "State management" standalone spec in  JEE7.
>> Is there some cooperation with them in JEE7?  and what is the successor
>> of JSR 330 in JEE7?
>> Regards
>> Hantsy
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