[cdi-dev] Preparing CDI 2.0

Antoine Sabot-Durand antoine at sabot-durand.net
Mon Dec 16 06:16:35 EST 2013

Hi all,

I really like to gather community feedback on CDI to prepare the coming CDI 2.0 JSR proposal. It will help us to deliver something nearer from user’s need and will have the side effect to make some buzz around CDI.
I propose the following steps :

1. Open an informal idea box. A google form with which anybody could send us 3 wishes for CDI 2.0. It could be launch now and be open until midd-january for instance
2. Compiling these ideas + Our wishes idea + JIRA already open , we’ll prose a survey to obtain priorities on all the topic. It could be open from end-januray to mid-february (could be more depending on Java EE 8 launch timeframe)
3. Create the prioritize list of feature for CDI 2.0 
4. Propose a JSR for CDI 2.0 in March-april including the list of prioritize items.

Other side-effect from this is the possibility to gain new contributor to the specification in the process.

Your feedback, ideas, concern about this idea are as always, welcome.



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