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Arne Limburg arne.limburg at openknowledge.de
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I guess, this mail was meant to go to the list ;-)

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Betreff: Re: [cdi-dev] Producer wrapper

I think the main issue is to avoid to make extensions hard/long to write (already too complicated for common stuff IMO) so i dont like this solution.

It is great to have a clean design...it is better to have something usable. CDI needs to work on the last quickly IMO before adding any feature.

Le 16 déc. 2013 12:38, "Arne Limburg" <arne.limburg at openknowledge.de<mailto:arne.limburg at openknowledge.de>> a écrit :

A simple solution to this topic would be to state in the spec, that, if an
extension replaces an InjectionTarget or Producer it MUST provide a custom
Implementation of an ObserverMethod for every private observer method of
that bean.
WDYT? Maybe we should discuss this in the meeting this evening?


Am 12.12.13 16:23 schrieb "Mark Struberg" unter <struberg at yahoo.de<mailto:struberg at yahoo.de>>:

>1. Producer / InjectionTarget might create instances which are wrapped in
>2. event observer methods are allowed to be private and thus are not in
>the proxies.
>3. extensions are allowed to 'decorate' InjectionTargets and Producers.
>This means that we need some unwrap method in the spec, right?
>Currently this does not York.
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