[cdi-dev] New on the mailing list and wish to help !

Yann Blazart yann.blazart at bycode.fr
Fri Mar 7 18:08:07 EST 2014

Hi everybody !

I'm Yann Blazart.

First please apologize my bad english, I'm french. I will try to write as
correctly as possible.

So I'm a French Java  EE Architect with 15 years of experience, and more of
that I'm a Java EE, EJB, and CDI evangelist (fullstack in facts) !

Since some time now, I'm writing methodology and frameworks to help my
developers teams to work efficiently and easily with Java  EE, and I really
appreciate this technology.

But now I wish to give some time and help the cdi-sepc community.

Are you agree ?

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