[cdi-dev] New on the mailing list and wish to help !

Antoine Sabot-Durand antoine at sabot-durand.net
Sat Mar 8 05:21:16 EST 2014

Hi Yann,

And welcome.
Your mail make me think we really should provide a « getting started » section in the site for people that want to get involve but don’t know where to begin.

Having CDI advanced users in the spec is a good thing since they have more « field » feedback than most of us.

So, your help is off course most welcome. Right now we are working on CDI 1.2 (a maintenance release of CDI 1.1). This release is mainly about clarifications and bug correction. Nothing very fancy but it’s an easy way to start if you want to help on CDI 2.0 as well.

If you want to give some Help on our current work. What you can do is :

- Create an account on our Jira server (issues.jboos.org). You can use your github account now to do so
- Look for the pending tickets not yet assigned for 1.2 : https://issues.jboss.org/browse/CDI-398?filter=12320805 and choose the one you feel the more comfortable with
- Don’t hesitate to discuss on the ticket or here if you need clarification.
- When ready ask to be assigned to the ticket
- On Github Fork : https://github.com/cdi-spec/cdi
- Make the modification (time to learn AsciiDoc if it’s related to the spec)
- Send PR

Other possible tasks :

-There are open ticket that needs more discussion before being assigned, you can check them and give your input if you have one : https://issues.jboss.org/browse/CDI-411?filter=12321017
- There are PR to review as well if you want to give your advice on them, here : https://github.com/cdi-spec/cdi/pulls
- Some of the 1.2 changes will have impact on TCK or Impl (that’s why it’s CDI 1.2 and not 1.1.1). I’ll let Martin Kouba and Jozef Hartinger tell if they need help on these
- If you feel like writing doc I have work pending on the website about putting a CDI tutorial online (taken from Weld doc)

That’s all that come to my mind right now…

If you’re available we have meeting on IRC (channel #jsr346 on freenode) each monday at 17:00 GMT (18:00 CET)

Welcome onboard Yann,



Le 8 mars 2014 à 00:08, Yann Blazart <yann.blazart at bycode.fr> a écrit :

> Hi everybody ! 
> I'm Yann Blazart.
> First please apologize my bad english, I'm french. I will try to write as correctly as possible.
> So I'm a French Java  EE Architect with 15 years of experience, and more of that I'm a Java EE, EJB, and CDI evangelist (fullstack in facts) ! 
> Since some time now, I'm writing methodology and frameworks to help my developers teams to work efficiently and easily with Java  EE, and I really appreciate this technology.
> But now I wish to give some time and help the cdi-sepc community. 
> Are you agree ?
> Thanks.
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