[cdi-dev] More about SE/EE splitting

Antoine Sabot-Durand antoine at sabot-durand.net
Wed Apr 15 08:31:40 EDT 2015

Hi all,

Rethinking of this task and reading the feedback on this, I really think we
should go step by step on this splitting.

What I have produced here is a full extraction of EJB in the spec to put it
in EE part.
There are still Java EE references in core with EL, JSF, Servlet.

The more problematic part is the Contexts chapter: hard to remove servlet
ref without rewriting all...

And yes, I did some rewording that could be no very nice.

In some places I replaces "Managed Beans or Session Beans" by the generic
term "bean".
Java EE component was replaced by component (yes, I'm not sure it is very

In the EE part, I added changed all "session bean" occurrences by "EJB
session bean".

The step I see are:

0) Validate that we're all ok with the principle of splitting
1) validate that all EJB references are removed from core
2) Correct bad terminology that I introduced

And then we should continue the splitting by rewriting the contexts chapter
and EL references in Core.

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