[cdi-dev] where is defined javax.enterprise.context.conversation.id?

Mark Struberg struberg at yahoo.de
Mon Jan 5 04:09:16 EST 2015

>> The spec also only says that the BEAN must have this very name and not that
>> the bean must be accessible by EL.

> Given what the name is for in CDI this can be implied.

well, but it's not up to the CDI impl to do this correctly. 

>> If we would really require this and the EL specification doesn't
>> support it, then the CDI spec would contradict the EL spec, right?

> No, it would mean that the name should be placed within quotes when
> accessing the conversation bean from EL.

The question is whether it really is defined in the EL spec that way. And further if the EL TCK does test this or if this is non-portable. The TCK test doesn't use escaping for what I saw. So this test is not ok.

Why didn't we simply use underscores instead of dots? :)


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