[cdi-dev] CDI SE Google Doc Updated

John D. Ament john.d.ament at gmail.com
Sun Mar 15 12:03:38 EDT 2015

HI all,

Apologies for being a week late on getting this doc together.  I had some
personal issues pop up after my leg came out of its cast that consumed most
of my week last week.

Anywho, I've updated the doc with a summary of what was discussed with CDI
SE bootstrap support.  You can find that here:

There are two minor changes that I made from where we last discussed, as
when I was putting together code I found some gaps and figured it best to
fix them here than later.

1. CDIProvider does not implement AutoCloseable.  Since CDI class maintains
a reference to the provider, implementing AutoCloseable was not adding

2. I added a method boolean isInitialized() so that the caller can know if
they need to start the container (or if it's already running).

Locally, I've also modified the CDI.current() method to use
getCDIProvider() instead of internally finding the provider since we now
have a getter.

One thing I'd like to get feedback on is if calling initialize/shutdown in
a container should throw IllegalStateException, or probably better to throw
UnsupportedOperationException when called in EE containers.

Let me know your thoughts.

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