[cdi-dev] BeanConfigurator and ProducerConfigurator consistency

Antonin Stefanutti antonin at stefanutti.fr
Fri Dec 23 05:30:39 EST 2016

Hi all,

Is there any reason I’m missing it is possible to get an Instance in BeanConfigurator produceWith (resp. disposeWith) while it’s not in ProducerConfigurator produceWith (resp. disposeWith)?


<U extends T> BeanConfigurator<U> produceWith(Function<Instance<Object>, U> callback);
BeanConfigurator<T> disposeWith(BiConsumer<T, Instance<Object>> callback);


<U extends T> ProducerConfigurator<T> produceWith(Function<CreationalContext<U>, U> callback);
ProducerConfigurator<T> disposeWith(Consumer<T> callback);

Besides, wouldn’t that be more concise in most use cases to provide the equivalent without the Instance parameter in BeanConfigurator (as it was before CDI 2.0.Beta1)?


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