[cdi-dev] BeanConfigurator and ProducerConfigurator consistency

Martin Kouba mkouba at redhat.com
Wed Dec 28 06:04:52 EST 2016

Dne 23.12.2016 v 11:30 Antonin Stefanutti napsal(a):
> Hi all,
> Is there any reason I’m missing it is possible to get an Instance in BeanConfigurator produceWith (resp. disposeWith) while it’s not in ProducerConfigurator produceWith (resp. disposeWith)?
> BeanConfigurator:
> <U extends T> BeanConfigurator<U> produceWith(Function<Instance<Object>, U> callback);
> BeanConfigurator<T> disposeWith(BiConsumer<T, Instance<Object>> callback);
> ProducerConfigurator:
> <U extends T> ProducerConfigurator<T> produceWith(Function<CreationalContext<U>, U> callback);
> ProducerConfigurator<T> disposeWith(Consumer<T> callback);
> Besides, wouldn’t that be more concise in most use cases to provide the equivalent without the Instance parameter in BeanConfigurator (as it was before CDI 2.0.Beta1)?

There is BeanConfigurator.createWith() which corresponds to 

BeanConfigurator.produceWith() is a convenient method which might be 
used to simulate producer method with parameter injection.

ProducerConfigurator.produceWith() is an equivalent of 
Producer.produce(). We might add other convenient methods in CDI 2.1.

> Thanks,
> Antonin
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