[cdi-dev] Multiple Java SE Containers

Matej Novotny manovotn at redhat.com
Mon Sep 3 04:35:46 EDT 2018


I would say that it basically means it is up to implementation.

For instance in Weld you can start new SE container with some ID which helps determine which SE container are you referring to.
CDI API is very bare in this regard and doesn't allow for such approach.
I vaguely recall some EG discussions about it being unclear whether multiple SE containers are actually a valid/sought after use case.
So the wording ended up like this and implementations can do as they please for now.

If you have a use case I think it would be good to raise a JIRA ticket and ask for clarification/expansion of API in this regard.


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> Subject: [cdi-dev] Multiple Java SE Containers
> CDI 13.1 says: "An implementation does not need to support multiple calls of
> SeContainerInitializer.initialize() method when the SeContainer is running."
> If a Java SE application wants to create distinct Containers containing beans
> from the same JAR library, this effectively means, it MUST create multiple
> initializers, but the initializers MAY share the same default ClassLoader,
> OR does that means that each initializer MUST be given a separate
> ClassLoader, OR does that mean that it is IMPOSSIBLE to create multiple
> SeContainers at the same time?
> Thanks for clarification!
> -Markus
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