[forge-dev] Forge website domain (DISCUSS)

Rodney Russ rruss at redhat.com
Wed Apr 25 12:43:12 EDT 2012

----- "Ivan St. Ivanov" <ivan.st.ivanov at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello forge developers and users! :-)
> As you probably know we are in the process of moving our wiki based
> web page ( https://docs.jboss.org/author/display/FORGE/Home ) to a
> site of its own. If you see this for the first time, you can find more
> details here: https://github.com/forge/website .

and fork if you'd like to contribute :)

> Once we are more confident about its completeness, we will publish it.
> Before that, though, we would like to hear your opinion about the
> domain name. Here are the options:
> * jboss.org/forge -> this can be easily got. However we cannot have
> all the services that we need (like hosting our plugin repository for
> example). We should stick to the ones offered by the jboss.org server

-1 if we have limitations

> * forge.jboss.org -> we can use this domain name in all kinds of cloud
> solutions (like Openshift). There we will be in power to choose the
> web site technology


> * forge.org -> unfortunately this is already taken. But it looks great
> for our tool to have this domain - easy to remember and straight to
> the point
> * jbossforge.org -> it's not occupied yet and is close to what we see
> on our logo


> * forge.net / forge.nu / forge.<anything> -> use any free domain that
> starts with forge

-1 I think this would get confusing

> * change the project name to something else, which has free
> <domain-name>.org

-1 as a lot of work has already gone into brand recognition of Forge.  Besides, it seems like a good metaphor.  :)

> * any other great idea that you can think of...
> To share my opinion: jboss.org is great! However, if the only way to
> get it is by paying to its owner, then I am also fine with
> jbossforge.org .
> Cheers,
> Ivan 
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