[forge-dev] Forge website domain (DISCUSS)

Max Rydahl Andersen max.andersen at redhat.com
Thu Apr 26 03:04:45 EDT 2012

>> * jboss.org/forge -> this can be easily got. However we cannot have
>> all the services that we need (like hosting our plugin repository for
>> example). We should stick to the ones offered by the jboss.org server
> -1 if we have limitations

What does hosting plugin repo require ?

I thought the repo was just a static file that would be regenerated from time to time ?

Would a reverse proxy setup be sufficient ?

i.e. jboss.org/forge/repo redirected to some openshift hosted setup ?

I don't think jboss.org guys would reject that upfront if they get asked.

Depends of course of what IT etc. says and how the setup works - i.e.
I got such setup for jboss central feeds to feedburner and the only challenge
been that they only allow proxy redirect to specific set of IP's but that shouldn't
be a a big problem for this should it ?

>> * forge.jboss.org -> we can use this domain name in all kinds of cloud
>> solutions (like Openshift). There we will be in power to choose the
>> web site technology
> +1

I got tools.jboss.org setup, but that just goes to jboss.org/tools and just because
this was asked for long before they started using: issues.jboss.org, community.jboss.org, source.jboss.org etc.

forge.jboss.org falls a bit outside of this so not sure how that fits, but worth asking jboss.org guys about.


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