[forge-dev] Forge 2.0 and OSGi

Max Rydahl Andersen max.andersen at redhat.com
Wed Sep 26 08:46:25 EDT 2012

>> Hi Paul !
>> I watched your presentation and I found it very nice. As in Forge 2.0, we are totally rewriting the core, so full backward compatibility shouldn't be possible in a first glance. 
>> Lincoln already started something in the 2.0 branch using JBoss Modules and also started to hack it a little deeper.
>> As for me, I am also not a big fan of JBM, probably because it may be lacking some reference docs, which leads to deep diving into the code itself to better understand it. 
>> In terms of being future-proof, OSGi might sound a better path to go. However I am afraid that we may be wanting to kill a mosquito with a cannon, or in other words, trying to cram a technology which may hinder the adoption on Forge in future versions.
>> In case we adopt it, I hope that in the future this bnd plugin could be part of JBoss Tools and we could call it "Forge Developer Platform" or something :)

would need someone to maintain work on it  and make sure it does not conflict with using tycho/p2 for osgi development which is the osgi tools used in eclipse land.

note, Forge moving to osgi doesn't make it easier to use from JBoss Tools, it probably makes it harder - unless the choice is osgi equinox and something compatible with
Eclipse plugins/osgi....

btw. anyone able to outline me why forge 2 is needed and why the word "server" is now used for Forge ?


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