[forge-dev] Interesting in doing GSOC 2013 with Forge

Shameera Rathnayaka shameerainfo at gmail.com
Sat Apr 6 01:35:12 EDT 2013

Hi devs,

I have successfully done my 2012 GSOC with Apache Axis2[1], I am
interesting in doing this time with JBOSS, I checked idea list published in
GSOC13 idea list[2]. I would like to know more about two projects proposed
with Forge[3][4]. Which proposal has more priority over other, and what are
the area i need to look at( definitely i have to play with forge to be
familiar) in that proposal?


[2] https://community.jboss.org/wiki/GSOC13Ideas

Best Regards,
Shameera Rathnayaka.

Blog : http://shameerarathnayaka.blogspot.com/
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