[forge-dev] Forge UI meeting notes

Catherine Robson crobson at redhat.com
Thu Feb 7 10:52:57 EST 2013

Forge UI Meeting

Forge Summer updates

    * Create Eclipse cheat sheet

    * Better way than Command 4 to start Forge  (Request from Burr)

    * When Forge is not running, add link into the console area that 
will start Forge for you rather than trying to point the user to the 
play icon.

    * Remember this choice trick when Forge opens to open the cheat 
sheet.  It will open automatically, but users can turn it off and choose 
to keep it off.

    * Include hints plug-in by default
    * Include Hibernate tools plug-in by default

Forge 2.0 Plans

    * Plan to create an equivalent to the Command 3 - categorized, 
filterable menu style.  This will contain just Forge commands.  There 
should not be another search bar in the top menu to get to this though.

    * Forge console will remain present when the Forge terminal add-on 
is installed.

    * Add contextual actions on the project tree for Forge.  This should 
only be items that are useful for that resource type (it changes 
depending on what you have right clicked on)

       * Forge menu item  --> Commands that are useful for resource

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