[forge-dev] Building Forge with Java 8

Ivan St. Ivanov ivan.st.ivanov at gmail.com
Wed Nov 26 04:08:45 EST 2014

Hi everybody,

As some of you noticed, last night I was able to build and run Forge with
the latest early access build of Open JDK 9 (from the Jigsaw forest!). I
had to do just one manual workaround. I had to manually add the following
dependency to the javaee/impl/pom.xml and shell/impl/pom.xml:


It was a problem that was already found and documented in this JIRA:


The JIRA says that this problem occurs with Java 8, build 20. So my
question is whether this is fixed in later builds of Java 8. If yes, I will
report this to the Open JDK folks to up-port the fix to Java 9 as well. If
not, I guess we should fix the poms of the respective projects?


P.S. Sorry for the 'lazy web' style of message. I know I could have run the
build with newer Java 8 by myself :)
P.P.S. Thanks to Mani Sarkar from LJC that went the hard way last week and
found this workaround for me
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