[forge-dev] Issue with Angular scaffold generation

Vineet Reynolds Pereira vpereira at redhat.com
Thu Jan 15 09:07:06 EST 2015

We had to change the AngularJS scaffold to optionally generate the REST resource classes.
That's because we didnt want to keep regenerating the "backend" everytime the scaffold-generate command was executed, 
and also to retain changes in the "backend" that are not over-written during scaffold-generate.
There should be a parameter (--generateRestResources) for this in the CLI and an equivalent checkbox in the GUI dialog.

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> Subject: [forge-dev] Issue with Angular scaffold generation
> Hi folks,
> While I was preparing tonight's demo for Barcelona JUG, I found something
> really strange.
> Whenever you try to generate Angular scaffold, it generates everything
> besides the JAX-RS endpoints for the selected entities.
> Here are the steps to reproduce it:
> 1) Create new project
> 2) Add new JPA entity, setting up Wildfly as container and taking the
> defaults. Choose Conference as entity name
> 3) Add new field, choose name as name and leave the defaults for the other
> entries
> 4) Generate scaffold. Make sure you choose Angular, select the Conference
> entity and click Finish
> You will notice that we have all the web resources generated fine, also the
> Application class (required by JAX-RS) is there, but not the stateless
> session EJB, which scaffolds the conference entity.
> I tried also to first setup scaffolding and then generate, but the result was
> the same - no EJB.
> JSF scaffolding works fine. Generating REST endpoints from entities works
> fine too.
> I tried this with JBDS and IntelliJ IDEA.
> I am pretty sure it used to work some time ago. I demoed the same thing in
> Macedonia last November and it worked.
> Cheers,
> Ivan
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